Have you ever experienced aching in your feet at the end of every day? Do you think this pain is normal? Generally, those who suffer from severe foot pain deal with the continual discomfort that impacts the quality of their lives because your feet are one of the important body members that play an essential role in carrying you everywhere. Several reasons underlying your foot’s pain can be diagnosed straightforwardly by highly trained orthotic specialists. According to a professional who works at a North York physiotherapy clinic, custom orthotics are useful devices technically designed to improve the way of your walking. Please follow up on this article carefully to learn more about the main steps of diagnosing and treatment process.

The Main Reasons for Chronic Feet Pain

There are lots of reasons that can cause severe foot pain. Lack of movement, injury, improper footwear, or aging process is the most important reasons for foot pain. It should be noted that if you don’t know where the pain is coming from, diagnosing your foot’s pain can be very difficult. The most important things that should be considered include:

– Arch Pain:

According to professional specialists, aging, stress, and weight gain are the underlying reason that can cause severe pain in the arch of your feet. Besides, your way of walking has a significant effect on causing arch pain. If the heel of your feet hits the ground first when you are walking, this condition is known as over pronation; you are more likely to experience arch pain.

– Ball of Foot Pain:

Generally, this particular type of pain is more common among women than men because they prefer to wear high heels or tight-fitting shoes frequently.

– Heel Pain:

You may experience heel pain when the tissue that is responsible for connecting your heel bone to your toes is injured. Also, you may feel pain in the arch of your feet.

– Toe Pain:

Gout is the most common reason that can cause toe pain. It refers to arthritis that forms on your foot toes, causing discomfort and inflammation.

Best Treatments for Chronic Foot Pain

Several successful treatments are available to get rid of chronic foot pain, depending on the underlying issues. For minor problems, you can try some simple remedies on your own, such as taking over-the-counter medication, using some gels and creams, resting and icing your feet during the day, and wearing comfortable shoes that support your feet without applying pressure on your feet.

Costume-made Orthotic:

These beneficial medical devices will insert into your shoes to solve problems and take pressure off of a specific site. Besides, they play an important role in easing particular types of joint pain. According to experienced and dedicated specialists, custom-made orthotics can be used to treat a number of other medical conditions like back pain and diabetes.

Different Types of Custom-made Orthotics:

Generally, many materials are used to make orthotics. Your professional specialists will prescribe the best materials depending on your condition and the symptoms you have. But they usually are made of carbon fiber or plastic. Some specific types are full-shoe inserts, and others are smaller heel inserts on the back of your shoes.