Over time the natural color of your teeth becomes darker. Just like your skin, your teeth have pores. Anything you put in your mouth with color, such as wine, coffee, dark berries, etc., will absorb into those pores. Bad habits like smoking have an incredibly effective role in staining teeth, and these stains are removable by different dental cosmetic methods. If you are searching for an efficient, safe, and practical choice for brightening your smile, cosmetic dental treatments can help you. As a cosmetic dentist in North York emphasizes, these dental services come at various types and prices, each designed to meet your unique needs. one of these dental treatments for stained teeth is teeth whitening. Still, you would keep in mind that there’s plenty to consider before choosing this cosmetic treatment, such as cons, your lifestyle habits, and whether a comprehensive in-office treatment or a custom-fitted whitening tray is the better choice.

Professional Teeth Whitening Methods

 According to a trusted cosmetic dentist in Vancouver, “averagely, 50{c3e03d262648af341ca947b7e5777b01b512e2d13fc98d37a58b46b4745bb634} of patients make an appointment with a trusted and experienced cosmetic dentist to get professional teeth whitening and brighten their smile.”Teeth whitening refers to any procedure that will make your teeth whiter. The primary materials used for teeth whitening are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. These products weaken your tooth stains on a molecular level. Besides, some whitening toothpaste removes surface-level stains using abrasive ingredients.

In the Office, Teeth Whitening Treatment

In this method, the dentists use very high percentages of hydrogen peroxide, approximately containing 15{c3e03d262648af341ca947b7e5777b01b512e2d13fc98d37a58b46b4745bb634} to 43{c3e03d262648af341ca947b7e5777b01b512e2d13fc98d37a58b46b4745bb634} peroxide, because they can isolate the teeth in the office. To save your gum from burning, they use special rubbers dam to protect it. And based on a professional dental specialist performing teeth Whitening in downtown Vancouver, when your teeth turn white, the inside and outside teeth turn white. This removes stains and discoloration of the teeth and makes them shiny. However, it is much more costly to lighten up your pearly whites. It is a quicker method to reach this aim.

First of all, your dentists use a tooth shade chart to find out the current shade of your teeth. They will polish your teeth and remove plaques. A barrier is placed along your gum line to keep your mouth open during the treatment. When the whitening process is complete, your mouth is rinsed, and then to mitigate any potential sensitivity, your dentist may apply fluoride. You can discuss the whitening treatment result and if your teeth have reached the desired shade with your dentist. Your dentist should provide practical recommendations you need to practice, such as not eating brightly colored foods or drinking coffee or red wine. Don’t be discouraged if your teeth may appear a bit darker a few days after whitening because the dehydration caused by this treatment makes them look immediately bright right after your procedure. By the way, if your teeth are not at your preferred shade after a week, you can discuss with your dentist whether or not there’s potential for them to become lighter with at-home products.

Custom Take-home Trays

Unlike in-office teeth whitening that is fast, a custom take-home tray requires more patience to reach the desired shade. In this method, the trays will fit perfectly to the shape of your mouth so that they will give you more comprehensive whitening results. Instead of a hydrogen peroxide-based gel, you will get a carbamide peroxide-based gel to whiten your teeth quickly. You won’t experience sensitivity if you accidentally get the materials on your gum, cheek, or tongue.

Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening

Different reasons cause teeth sensitivity, including genetics, thin enamel, or damaged teeth. It is usual for sensitivity to occur during the whitening process, and it causes discomfort for those who already have sensitive teeth.


Teeth whitening results won’t last forever, but you should do everything your dentist recommended to keep your pearly whites shining bright last for years. By the way, there’s no definite answer to which treatment lasts longer.

Good Candidates for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can be beneficial for most people looking for a dazzling smile with bright shining teeth, and the best candidates for this treatment are people who have mild to moderate teeth discoloration. Certain dental conditions may reduce the chance teeth whitening will work correctly for you. for example, if teeth discoloration is caused by using medication or injuries and brown teeth don’t answer well to this treatment. Also, those people who have dental veneers, crowns, and tooth filling are not good candidates for teeth whitening.