I should not have ignored my varicose veins. That’s the lesson I learned after battling varicose veins in Singapore. At first, I thought it was normal. I have a few friends who have them. Some of my co-teachers, too. I thought varicose veins were something you could ignore.

One of the sacrifices you need to make as a teacher is standing in front of the class for long hours. I paid these sacrifices for ten years, and in return, I received a bonus prize– varicose veins.

At first, my varicose veins were just under my skin, but after three years, some began to bulge out. It did not worry me since it didn’t harm me at all. Well, not until recently.

Varicose Veins Symptoms

Last year, I felt discomfort in my legs and the culprit? My worsening varicose veins. My legs began to:

  • Feel heavy
  • Swell
  • Throb
  • Itch
  • Experience more frequent cramps.

Since I did not tolerate the discomfort while teaching, I consulted a vascular doctor in Singapore.

How I Manage My Varicose Veins Without Surgery

During my visit to my doctor, he evaluated my varicose veins. Thankfully, it is not as bad as it may seem. Although I can get minimally invasive sclerotheraphy in Singapore, my doctor explained that there are ways to manage varicose veins discomfort at home.

So here is my varicose vein management routine:

1. Compression stockings

My doctor recommended I wear a compression stocking to reduce my legs’ swelling and mitigate the pain. What compression stockings do to my legs is, add gentle pressure onto the muscles to help them pump the blood back to my heart.

From what I read, the muscles in our legs are like a second heart. It pumps blood back to the heart, but unlike the heart, it is much more difficult for leg muscles because gravity naturally pulls the blood down.

Compression stockings improve blood circulation in the lower limbs. I bought mine from a medical supplies store and wore them all throughout the day. Compression stockings are also good for spider vein treatment in Singapore.

2. Exercise

My profession involves a lot of prolonged standing, but it also includes walking from one classroom to another. Apparently, staying active will keep your blood circulating, that is why I ensure to sit, stand, and walk alternately while on duty.

3. Eat balanced diet

At home, I always make sure to eat healthily. I prepare fibre-rich food to avoid constipation. According to my doctor, exerting too much force while defecating can strain the already damaged valves and vessels, including varicose veins in Singapore. So I ensure to reduce the risks of constipation by eating fibre.

A healthy diet also helps me maintain my weight. Excess weight puts pressure on my lower limbs, aggravating my varicose veins. I always make sure I don’t gain weight.

4. Leg elevation

At bedtime, I prop my legs on a stack of three pillows and make sure they are elevated at my heart’s level. The elevation makes it easier for the blood to flow back to my heart.

These are my regular routine to manage my varicose veins. If you want more tips or if you are looking for varicose and spider vein treatment in Singapore, consult with my clinic, Cheng SC Vein and Endovascular. Visit Cheng SC Vein and Endovascular today.