Like the mythical hero Achilles, everyone has a weak point. Although I don’t have any superpowers, athletes like me also get tired, develop diseases, and experience knee injuries. When joining a track and field competition, I look strong and fast, but most people don’t see that I also suffer. Due to the repetitive actions, I’ve experienced straining and injuries that may lead to total knee replacement in Singapore. There was even a time I had to take a break from attending my practice just to take a rest.

Behind the scenes, people don’t see how much effort I put into protecting my body with an orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore. To give you a glimpse, let this article show you how I prevent injuring my joints.

How I Prevent Total Knee Replacement as a Runner

Running is my passion, and I would do everything to protect my health so I can always join track and field competitions. At the start of my athletic career, my coach told me that giving your body a break is as vital as practising. I learned that as a runner, I had to prevent myself from developing diseases and experiencing injuries that may need knee and ACL surgery in Singapore

1. Be Aware of the Signs and Symptoms

There are days that I get too focused on improving my skills but forget to ask myself if I am still okay. I ignored the signs and symptoms of injury that immediately needed medical attention. I kept forcing myself to attend training and competitions. However, it took a toll on my health, so my coach told me to be aware of how I felt. If I felt pain and swelling, I should inform my coach and request a medical break.

2. Call for Medical Help Right Away

In Singapore, orthopaedic surgery and treatment options are accessible. So, it was easy for me to look for alternative solutions that could improve my medical condition. My coach even helped me look for a doctor that could provide immediate relief for such excruciating pain. This way, I can recover and join the training again.

3. Daily Strength Exercises

As an athlete, I must condition my body before joining a competition. With this, I tried doing daily strength exercises for my lower body. I did strength, bent knee, and eccentric calf exercises to build muscle. I also used dumbbells to add more weights. Remember that strength exercises can also be helpful for total knee replacement because it strengthens the joint area.

4. Practise Warm Up and Cool Down

After attending my knee and ACL surgery in Singapore, I learned the importance of warming up and cooling down. It gives my body preparation to do strenuous activities. Without a warm-up, the muscles will exert more power; if I neglect cooling down, my muscles will not heal. Luckily, my coach was supportive and guided me in these before and after exercises.

5. Choosing the Right Footwear

Most importantly, my orthopaedic surgeon in Singapore told me the importance of wearing the proper footwear. Since I’m a runner, I am meticulous in choosing shoes that can support vigorous activities. It also helped me prevent injury and keep my body strong.

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