Traditional Chinese medicine has healed millions of individuals in and out of the state. This complementary medicinal practice has been around for thousands of years and has proven to treat or manage the symptoms of numerous illnesses. As its name suggests, Traditional Chinese medicine or TCM originated from China. Because of the impressive benefits and results it shows, TCM became popular in Singapore and other parts of the world.

But despite its prevalence and effectiveness, many people are still questioning the capabilities and reliability of traditional Chinese medicine in Singapore. Scroll through to learn about the four most common misconceptions about TCM:

TCM Is Not Backed Up By Research

Contrary to what others believe, the practices and treatments of a TCM clinic in Singapore have undergone rigorous study and testing. The discipline will not be popular if researchers have proven that traditional Chinese medicine is a hoax.

TCM Is Not Monitored By The Authorities

Before a TCM expert could open a Singapore clinic, they need to be accredited by the concerned authorities first. This rule is similar to the guidelines of numerous countries, which shows that healthcare experts regulate the discipline.

TCM Is Outdated

Traditional Chinese medicine may have been in Singapore for centuries, but that does not mean it is outdated. The treatments from different TCM clinics across the globe are becoming popular since more people experience relief from them.

TCM Is Only About Herbal Treatments

While it is true that TCM experts use various herbs to treat different ailments, they also offer various massages and exercises. If you had trouble conceiving, you could try getting acupuncture for fertility from TCM clinics.

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