Facial thread lifting is one of the best alternatives to invasive cosmetic procedures that aim to tighten and lift the face. It offers many advantages, especially if you are to compare it with a facelift. The latter requires sedation and patients are not allowed to go back to their activities of daily living right after the procedure or days after the procedure. To allow healing, the patient usually needs to have at least two weeks off from work.

If you are going to compare facial thread lifting (ร้อยไหม กรอบหน้า, this is the term in Thai) with other procedures, you will notice that facial thread lifting is more convenient, simple, and less invasive. Not to mention, it is very effective too. In this article, we will go over the numerous benefits of facial thread lifting over facelift.These are the following:

· It has no downtime

One of the good things about facial thread lift is that it has no downtime. Right after the procedure, you can go back to your usual activities of daily living. You can drive yourself home the moment you step out of the clinic because you will not be fully sedated during the procedure. You will only be put under local anesthesia so only the target parts of your face are numb. Although the procedure is less invasive, some patients experience redness, swelling, and soreness, but all are manageable at home using anti-inflammatory and pain relievers. If you have children at home or need to return to work after the procedure, facial thread lifting is the best for you.

· It only requires minor precautions

Although facial thread lifting is a less invasive procedure, you still need to take some precautions while you are recovering. When cleansing the face, you need to avoid rubbing your face. Your head should be slightly elevated to avoid the possibility of rolling over onto your face while you are in deep sleep.

· It is a less invasive procedure

If you are going to compare facial thread lifting to that of the facelift, the former has a low risk. There is no risk of bruising, bleeding, scarring, or any other complications. Although some patients notice minimal infection, irritation, and sutures tend to be visible underneath the skin. If such is the case, there is nothing to be alarmed about, for the sutures can be easily removed and the skin will go back to the original condition.

· It is more affordable than other facelift procedures

Facial thread lift is easier to perform when compared to other facelift procedures, which explains why it is more affordable.

The ones mentioned above are just some of the advantages offered by facial thread lifting. What you do need to know is that you need to maintain realistic expectations. Right after the procedure, you will instantly notice visible results. The lift is only a few millimeters, creating a natural and subtle look. The results are not exaggerated, such as the ones usually noticed in facelifts. If you are dealing with mild to moderate skin laxity, you can surely benefit from facial thread lifting.