A long time ago, a local barber or a town doctor was responsible for solving all types of dental issues that annoyed people. In most cases, tooth removal was their common solution. Nowadays, general dentists have to go to school for many years. They are trained professionally to diagnose all dental issues and use advanced dentistry methods to solve the problems. Tooth removal is the last item they think of because their valuable priority is saving patients’ natural teeth. Since most dental issues are preventable, so paying strong attention to the health of your teeth and mouth is essential to avoid severe dental conditions. If you ignore minor symptoms and your condition spreads to other healthy structures, you may need further complex treatment that professional dental specialists perform. In this article, a professional dentist in New Westminster provides detailed information about general dentists’ special services.

General Dentists

Generally, the general dentists’ main emphasis is helping people avoid the progression of oral problems. They are the main health care provider that offers a wide range of dental care services for all people, from children to adults. As everyone knows, all people are recommended to schedule a time to visit their general dentists twice a year. Several services are performed during these appointments, such as examination of your mouth and teeth, cleaning, discussing possible symptoms that may put your overall oral health at risk, and choosing an appropriate dentistry solution that works better for you. Although most people believe that restoring tooth decays by putting dental filling and extracting damaged teeth are the only services that general dentists perform, there are several vital dental services that general dentists are professionally trained to perform for you patiently. Some of these appreciated efforts are followed by:

Preventative Services:

General dentists are the best ones that can teach you several useful tips to take care of your teeth considerably at home. They will recommend a special type of preventative treatment like sealants in some cases.

Cosmetic procedures:

Nowadays, people are so interested in cosmetic dentistry procedures to enhance their smiles. As everyone knows, there is a broad range of special cosmetic procedures performed by experienced specialists. By the way, some simple procedures that don’t need technical tools can be performed by general dentists, such as teeth whitening, cosmetic bonding, or even dental veneers.

Restorative Procedures:

As we mentioned above, removing tooth decay and placing a filling are the common restorative procedures that general dentists provide, but it is not the only restorative options that they perform. They are also professional to offer a replacement for your chipped, cracked, broken, and even missing teeth. It should be noted that some general dentists provide more advanced and technical procedures such as root canal therapy and dental implant.

Finally, if you insist on visiting general dentists every six months, your possible dental issues will be treated in the early stages, and you don’t need to spend time and money on further complex dental treatment.