Body aches can indicate health problems, and sometimes I can’t pinpoint the root cause of this pain. Many reasons, like inflamed muscles, physical stress, and weak immune response, can cause body aches. Regardless of the cause, I must not ignore my body aches. Since I am a busy professional, finding some time to visit a physio clinic in Singapore is essential to improve my overall health.

So, once I visit a physio clinic, I will ask my doctor to improve my body aches to feel better. In the meantime, let this article show you how I handle body aches with dry needling, chiropractor, and osteopath treatments.

How I Handled My Body Aches with a Physio Clinic

I worked in front of a computer for almost eight hours a day. There were times when I didn’t get to notice my posture resulting in back pains and body aches. It was not severe and health-threatening but affected my daily life routine. I was still able to exercise and work productively. But the thing was, I felt pains which distracted me from concentrating.

For this reason, I decided to visit a physio clinic to find solutions to my body aches. Here’s how they helped me improve.

1. Tried Chiropractor

I was dealing with chronic back pain when I started working as a freelance writer. I had to sit in front of my computer and submit my deadlines. My doctor first suggested trying a chiropractor as it offers multiple benefits. Chiropractic treatments can manipulate the joints to realign, easing back and neck pain. That’s why a chiropractor in Singapore was the perfect solution for my back pain. My doctor advised me to visit the clinic at least twice a month.

2. Attended Dry Needling Treatments

Another treatment method my doctor advised me is to try dry needling treatments in Singapore. Dry needling is a method where a thin need penetrates the skin and improves the muscular trigger points. That’s why when I visited my physio clinic, they also encouraged me to get dry needling treatments as it triggers relief. It also reduces pain and soreness.

3. Planned A Healthier Diet

Eating a healthier diet also improved my body pains. At the physio clinic, my doctor told me that food intake could affect my overall health. Therefore, the osteopath doctor in Singapore gave me a list of food I should consider in my grocery list. It includes whole grain bread, cottage cheese, nuts, legumes, and watermelon.

4. Established a Workout Routine

My doctor advised me to build a workout routine, including yoga stretches and light physical exercises for 20 minutes. I could keep my body active and prevent body aches. The doctor also told me to observe proper posture, so I attended a yoga class to improve my body joints.

5. Drinking Enough Water

In SG, chiropractor, dry needling, and osteopath treatments are effective. But I must remember to hydrate myself for a healthier body. My doctor reminded me that drinking enough water can keep the cartilage soft and pliable. It can also flush out toxins from my body.

Fortunately, I am free from body aches when attending treatments at Orchard Health Clinic in Singapore. To improve your health, you can visit their website to learn more about dry needling and chiropractic treatments.