Herbal remedies, the stimulation of acupressure points, and other all-natural approaches are the backbone of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Traditions that date back thousands of years, before the invention of writing, are still relevant in today’s medicine. Even though there are debates about incorporating traditional Chinese medicine, it has been China’s primary medical system for thousands of years. Here are fun facts about TCM you should know in Singapore.

1. TCM Includes The Body and Mind

The gentle, dance-like forms of relaxation and exercise known as tai chi and qi gong, pressure point manipulation known as acupuncture, and medicinal herbs and their extracts and by-products are just a few of how TCM in Singapore addresses both the physical and mental manifestations of illness. Traditional medicine practitioners think that physical and mental health are interdependent.

2. You Don’t Need An Excuse To Get Acupuncture

Acupuncture’s strength lies in its ability to head off problems before they even start. Acupuncture in Singapore has shown beneficial effects as a preventative medicine, including enhancement of the immune system, improvement of circulation, facilitation of detoxification of organs and cells, reduction of inflammation, and enhancement of the body’s ability to respond healthily to stress.

3. 300 Acupuncture Points Exist in Your Body

The acupuncture meridians link the various points from the top of the body to the bottom. Many acupuncture points for fertility render amazing effects on the physical, psychological and emotional state of mind.

4. TCM Roots From The Balance of Nature

Traditional Chinese medical theory holds that the human body functions as a closed, self-contained system. It has mechanisms for maintaining harmony within, but sometimes it needs assistance from without to get everything right. Following the principles of a TCM clinic in Singapore, every person possesses innate curative powers. It is important to remember that medical care is only a supplement to the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

5. Most TCM Medicines Are Plant-Based

It would appear that the Chinese are plant savants. They have relied on the healing powers of nature for a very long time. Herbs like goji berries, ginger, and cinnamon are among the most well-known ​​confinement herbs. Chinese supplements are not only natural, they have limited side effects which makes them safe for consumption. Restore balance and harmony in your body with Chinese supplements today.

6. TCM Has Existed For 2,100 Years

Over 2,100 years ago, ancient Chinese Taoists popularised this method. They believed that internal disharmony was the root of many diseases. Some of their practices have made it into modern medicine, and they have even influenced the framework of traditional medicine in other Asian countries.

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