Physiotherapy is a kind of therapy meant to help restore function in the joints of those whose body parts were affected by an injury or disability. People who get injured from sports or any other regular situation are put under physiotherapy to manage the pain and regain mobility, balance, and motor function in the injured part. You’re also referred to a physiotherapist after experiencing a car accident or surgery. This therapy is meant to give you treatments focused on rehabilitation. Physiotherapy in Raffles Place has multiple ways of treating injuries. Aside from giving exercise routines and massaging muscles, there are other means of treatment found under this line of physical therapy.

Since physiotherapy is focused on helping you through the healing process of your injured joints, the main goal of all of its treatments is to do precisely that. Namely, here are three common treatments done by a physiotherapist.

1. Range Of Motion Exercises

During the first stages of recovery, physiotherapists usually prescribe rest. Although this is the case, staying immobile for an extended period may make the healing process take longer than it’s supposed to. Osteotherapy in Raffles Place would try to advise something different, but physiotherapy would offer you a range of motion exercises to promote movement, facilitate circulation, and encourage joint mobility. Frequently moving your joints and muscles will help prevent you from getting muscle atrophy and other related postural problems.

2. Electrotherapy

While osteotherapy in Telok Ayer has osteopathic manipulative therapy, physiotherapy, on the other hand, has electrotherapy. Since massages and exercise are the standards and widely known treatments found in physiotherapy, electrotherapy can come as a shock when mentioned. It’s a more recent evolution of energy-based physiotherapy techniques, making it not as familiar as the other forms of treatment. In electrotherapy, electrical stimulation is involved by attaching electrodes to the skin. These electrodes affect the muscles by shortening them and helping them prevent atrophy. This treatment is usually prescribed to those who are paralysed or have extreme difficulty moving.

3. Vestibular Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy in Telok Ayer also has vestibular physiotherapy in its list of treatments. It is a practical and exercise-based physiotherapy that helps rehabilitate patients who are reportedly experiencing balance problems or dizziness like vertigo. After the doctors assess your medical records, they will formulate a treatment program that will help improve your symptoms and functional problems. This method has been used for people with inner ear or brain problems and has seen successful results.

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