Have you ever dealt with frizzy, untameable hair? Or are you simply looking for a straighter yet natural-looking hairstyle? If so, soft rebonding in Singapore might be your next hair appointment. While there are other types of hair rebonding, such as the classic rebond or the Japanese aqua straightening, many are starting to prefer the soft rebond for its natural look that causes less damage to the hair. Here’s everything you need to know about this new hair treatment.

What is rebonding?

Soft rebonding in Singapore originated from classic rebonding, popular in the early 2000s. The rebonding process uses chemicals and heat to restructure the keratin molecules in your hair. The chemicals break down your hair’s natural bonds, while heat (usually from a hair straightener) realigns these molecules and ‘rebonds’ them.

While it certainly was an effective way of straightening your hair, many thought the results were too straight and unnatural-looking. Thus, hairstylists created soft rebonding.

How does soft rebonding work?

Soft rebonding uses the same technique of realigning your hair’s molecules for straight hair. The difference is that a hair salon has milder straightening lotions for soft rebonding, which lessens the effect. They also deliberately cut down the processing time so the hair won’t absorb too many chemicals contributing to unnaturally-looking straight hair. Less processing time means the heat won’t be able to restructure the molecules perfectly, resulting in straight hair that looks and feels natural.

Because the process uses slightly different products, the soft hair rebonding price might differ from the price of the classic version. While the latter can cost from S$240 to S$290, the former is slightly more expensive at S$250 to S$300.

What are its benefits?

Many people still ask for a soft rebonding in Singapore, and that’s because of its benefits. There are many reasons why you should opt for this hair treatment, including the following:

Less damage to your hair compared to classic rebonding. Less damage means less intensive upkeep after the treatment.

It eliminates all frizz. If you’re most frustrated about curly hair, a gentle rebond hair treatment in a hair salon eliminates your problem.

If you’ve decided you don’t like the look of rebonded hair, don’t worry! It’s only semi-permanent, so just let your hair grow out naturally. Your original hair texture will come back again in a few years.

What do you do after soft rebonding your hair?

Remember to follow proper hair aftercare once your soft rebonding is complete. After you leave the hair salon, remember to do the following:

Avoid washing your hair for 72 hours. Washing your hair too early will affect the chemicals in your hair, deactivating the procedure and damaging your hair further.

Avoid hair accessories, such as clips and hair ties. Because the hair salon rearranged your hair’s molecules, other factors could permanently alter these molecules if put under enough stress. Hair clips and scrunchies can create ‘dents’ in your hair that will be difficult to remove.

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