As people say, marriage is a life-changing chapter of someone’s life. It could have a happy ending or a bitter one. No one wished for divorce when they got married. But if growing apart is the best for the couple, let them do so. But there are some who tried to save their marriage through couple therapy in Singapore.

But why does marriage fail in the first place? Perhaps, the most common reason for divorce is extramarital affairs. Domestic abuse, irreconcilable differences, and stale romance and intimacy in the relationship are also top contenders.

Nevertheless, some couples still see the light at the end of the tunnel and pursue it through couple therapy. Here is the importance of couple’s therapy in marriage:


Each relationship is unique, and couple therapies recognise this factor. It is why therapists don’t give generic solutions to marriage issues. What they do is let the couples understand their relationship dynamics much deeper. After all, these dynamics make each relationship different.

The therapy will divulge topics like who has the power in the relationship. What are the communication patterns? Is there ongoing resentment? How do they manage conflicts?

Then the couple, with the therapist’s guidance, will help understand each other’s motivations for their actions and how they should act around these actions. Thankfully, similar to ADHD assessment programmes in Singapore, many counselling centres offer couple therapies are widely available and accessible in the country.


One of the reasons why arguments between couples don’t resolve on their own is because both parties fail to walk in each other’s shoes. Whenever couples fight, the wife and husband will vent to their friends rather than talk about each other. Most of the time, these friends don’t give unbiased opinions, which only feeds the anger and resentment of each party.

Like in psychological counselling in Singapore, the therapist becomes the couple’s unbiased ears. They listen to their complaints and provide a neutral perspective of the issue while taking into account the viewpoints of each party.

Couples can understand and validate each other’s feelings with a new perspective. They can strengthen their miscommunication and apply it in the future.


Although couple therapy in Singapore aims to restore the relationship between houses, it does not mean there is no room for self-growth.

One of the ways to sort the rifts in the relationship is by understanding and recognising one’s flaws. For example, arguments between husbands and wives often escalate because the husband has an anger management issue.

This issue will be tackled in therapy. The therapist will help the husband how to overcome and to manage his anger issues. This alone helps facilitate self-growth. Counselling for self-growth and awareness is also an integral part of the employee assistance program in Singapore.

Sometimes, marriage does not need to end bitterly. After all, divorce is an unpleasant experience not only for couples but also for children. There is still a thread of hope with couple therapies.

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