There are various teeth whitening methods. A fantastic cosmetic dentist performs a whitening process based on scientific and professional techniques. If you cannot afford the professional whitening process, consider searching for an accessible, more affordable domestic whitening method. Can bicarbonate of soda brighten your smile? First of all, you need to know something about bicarbonate of soda. It is still popular among people because many people are still discussing this method in the whitening process. Based on different dentists’ reviews and opinions, some professional cosmetic dentists will tell you never to utilize bicarbonate of soda on your tooth because it makes your teeth sensitive. However, based on the Cosmetic Dental Association, brushing your tooth with bicarbonate of soda directly from the container is still unacceptable. We will explain more in the following post.

What Is the Fact for Using Bicarbonate of soda as a Teeth Whitening Process?

As an experienced dental specialist offering teeth whitening in North York, although cosmetic dentists disagree with utilizing bicarbonate of soda as a teeth whitening process, there are reasonable results for using this material as a whitening product.

Note that bicarbonate of soda is mildly abrasive, as is whitening toothpaste, so it may decrease stains a little, but generally, you have to know bicarbonate of soda cannot brighten your teeth because peroxide is able to brighten teeth.

As we have said, there are various whitening processes and products:

  • Whitening strips
  • Whitening tray
  • Whitening gel

All these methods and products come with peroxide to pierce and erode the pigment particles within your tooth, making your tooth whiter and brighter. Bicarbonate of soda is not able to oxidize your teeth; it is not possible for it to penetrate and brighten your tooth.

As we have said before, it only is ready to help decreasing dental stain. It cannot physically make your tooth whiter or brighter exactly like peroxide. Knowing about whitening safety and different whitening processes is also good before choosing the final method.

Don’t Utilize Bicarbonate of soda as Teeth Whitening Materials

Although many of your parents and grandparents grew up when it was customary to brush the tooth with this material directly from its container, these days you have control of much better white shades and brightening resources such as whiten strips, trays treatments, and whitening gels.

According to gathered information, bicarbonate of soda can help decrease dental stains of drinking coffee, tea, etc. Any toothpaste will do the same in whitening tooth, bringing you back to why the Cosmetic Dental Association disapproves bicarbonate of soda directly from the container.

We know using bicarbonate of soda direct from the container is less pricey than bicarbonate of soda-formulated whitening toothpaste, so many people want regular bicarbonate of soda.

Be logical; it is only less pricey because it is not toothpaste. It is not good idea to brush your tooth. You may know all these things and still choose bicarbonate of soda as your whitening method. It can be harmful to your teeth and make them more sensitive.

Generally, never use bicarbonate of soda as a whitening process even if you don’t have enough money to get the dental treatments.