My son makes all kinds of sounds at night. These noises started as light snorts that only occasionally happen. But as he aged, I noticed his snores got louder and more frequent. I did not think much about these sounds since I only thought of them as his body’s natural response to his tiredness from attending school. Moreover, my son is not an obese kid, so I did not think that his sleeping noises indicated a health concern. But as it turned out, snoring in children is abnormal and can indicate sleep-disordered breathing.

How Frequent Snoring Can Be Dangerous

According to the Sleep Foundation, infrequent snoring in children is rarely a cause of concern. If you only hear your child snoring a few times in a couple of months or years, you should not worry about their health, especially if they seem active and well during the day. But if you notice your young one is wheezing or breathing heavily almost every night, you may want to bring them to an ear, nose, and throat or ENT clinic in Singapore to get them checked.

Snoring in children can have different causes. Occasional sleeping noises can be signs of allergies, nasal congestion, asthma, or poor air quality in the kid’s bedroom. If the snoring results from these conditions and factors, the child will no longer snort or sniffle after receiving allergy, cold, or asthma medications and breathing in good air quality through an air purifier.

However, snoring in children can also result from obesity, enlarged tonsils, or a deviated septum. Kids can have trouble breathing while sleeping due to their body’s narrow air passages caused by excess fat, infections, or natural anatomic build.

Treating My Child’s Snoring

As soon as I noticed that my son snored more frequently, I searched for a trusted paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore who could assess, diagnose, and possibly treat his condition. After scrolling through Google search results, I learned about Dr Jenica Yong and her ear, nose, and throat clinic. Seeing her credentials and accomplishments made me believe my son would be in good hands if I chose her to be his doctor.

During our consultation, she asked me about everything I noticed about my son while he slept at night. She also performed specific tests to pinpoint the cause of his snoring. These evaluations also helped Dr Jenica see if my son needed a positive airway pressure or PAP device, surgery, or sinusitis treatment from her Singapore clinic to treat his condition.

After her thorough examination, she concluded that my son snored because of his deviated septum. The bone and cartilage that split his nose were crooked, which caused him to have trouble breathing while sleeping. If not for an expert paediatric ENT specialist like Dr Jenica Yong, I would have never learned about my son’s abnormality.

Since my son is still developing, Dr Jenica suggested that we should not perform surgery yet to see if his deviated septum will correct itself over time. His treatment is still ongoing, and we are still seeing her specialist now and then in her ear, nose, and throat clinic in Singapore—but his sleeping noises lessened thanks to Dr Jenica Yong.

If you are looking for a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore, I highly recommend Dr Jenica and her impressive clinic that helped my son sleep more comfortably at night. You can learn more about her expertise by visiting her website.