We often want to have a perfect appearance. In our entire facial structure, the shape of our nose plays a vital role. We often wish for our noses to look thinner. There are many hacks to achieve the same. You need to know a few things like how to contour your nose, blend it with makeup, or even see where the wings nose cut? (ตัด ปีก จมูก ที่ไหน ดี, which is the term in Thai). Getting effective nose wings makes your nose look slim. All these will help you create the illusion of having a slender nose. Here are some simple tips:

Start With Continuing Your Nose

This is one of the easiest ways to give a slender look to your nose. It is pretty similar to the process of the manner you contour your face; you can contour your nose in the same way. So how do you contour your nose? First, you need to prep your face by applying foundation to your entire face, including your nose. Then you need to draw a perfect line from the bridge of your nose to the tip with a highlighter and mix it well with your skin tone. 

Next, you should use a dark contour pencil to make multiple lines on the sides of your nose till the tip. This should be appropriately blended. Sometimes we don’t know where the wings nose cut? This can be achieved by these tricks too. Finally, everything should be combined so that the sides of the nose appear dark and the bridge of your nose gets highlighted.

Using A Highlighter And Bronzer

one straightforward hack is to shift the attention of one’s view from your nose to your entire face. If you contour your face appropriately, then automatically, one’s view turns its sole attention from your nose to your whole look, the way it appears. You can also use a suitable bronzer on your cheeks and highlight them prominently. This will take away the viewer’s focus from the thickness of your nose to your lovely cheeks!

While applying a lip shade, always go for a bright one: One very doable trick is to wear loud, bold colors on your lip when you complete your makeup. This instantly takes away the attention from your nose to the bright colors you have applied to your lips. Additionally, if you have colored your nose perfectly, then bright lipstick always helps to make your nose look much slenderer. 


If you have been worrying about where the wings nose cut? Then we have given you all the answers. Acquiring a slender nose is a dream for all. Achieving it so quickly is a gift of God in itself. So, try these hacks and give a perfect look to your nose.