Do your children complain that their feet hurt when they walk, let alone run? There is a high chance they are suffering from flat feet. It is a common foot condition which refers to flattened arches when pressured.

To help you clear out your suspicion about flat feet in your children, you may ask them to soak their feet in the coloured water and stand on a piece of blank white paper. Doing so should allow you to see what kind of footprint they have and if it is similar to others.

In addition to performing this DIY evaluation, take your kids to a podiatry clinic so they can get their flat feet checked and treated. Here are some suggestions for getting them ready.

1. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy. If you want your children to learn that, you should not tell any single lie, even white ones. Answer your children as honestly as possible so you can gain their trust to see a podiatrist for their flat feet.

2. Bring The Favourite Item

Besides your presence, bringing their favourite item, like a blanket or teddy bear, can help them calm down and be less anxious about their podiatry visit.

3. Check Your Emotion

Checking your emotions is another way to ensure that your kids are as calm as possible while at your preferred podiatry clinic. Your children may become nervous if they sense your anxiety, making them anxious. They will be reluctant to get their flat feet examined and treated, which makes your visit useless since most children cry their hearts out if they do not like something.

4. Take Children’s Footwear

Any experienced podiatrist can assess a foot condition more accurately if they can take a look at the everyday footwear your children are wearing. Doing so should also help the podiatrist get the right size for custom insoles for flat feet. 

5. Ask Your Children And Write Down The Symptoms

Before a podiatrist can make custom insoles for the flat feet in your children, they will need to know the early and current symptoms. Since some children are shy to answer the questions of the person they met or conversed with for the first time, it will be nice to ask the questions yourself and write down the answers.

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