Getting jaw surgery in Singapore is an instant cure for an imperfect smile. However, others get orthodontic braces as per their doctor’s suggestion. If you are wearing one, be wary of these food products when consuming them.


An exciting movie and a bowl of popcorn? Nothing is more exciting than that combination. You do not have to give them up when wearing orthodontic braces. Just be careful when chewing because some pieces can instantly ruin the brackets, and you would not want to storm to the dental clinic unplanned.


Again, people do not have to give up their favourite cup of coffee in the morning. You might be confused because it is a liquid, but they are high in pigments that may stain your teeth and the brackets. You also watch out for stains and dirt when wearing Invisalign braces.


A sweet bar of caramel candy or a chewy chocolate bar sure is tempting. If you want to enjoy these sweet treats, be careful when eating them because your brackets might fall off. Your Invisalign can also cost money when they crack, so always take care of your dental equipment.


People love eating crisps at any time of the day. They enjoy it while watching a movie, finishing their schoolwork, and relaxing at home. Biting the chips wrong can damage your orthodontic braces. You can break them into smaller pieces or avoid them when you have the chance.


Wearing orthodontic braces can be challenging if you like foods that you need to bite. Some examples include corn on the cob, burger, and sandwiches. You can still enjoy these things when being careful with every bite you take.

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