Don’t you know that there are now innovations for wound care? A perfect example is a wound closure device. Such inventions are not only helpful to patients but also to medical/health professionals. Let us take a look at the impact of wound closure devices.

  • It helps reduce supply cost -New wound closure devices are cost effective, in fact, more cost effective when compared to traditional sutures. With the traditional sutures, you would spend most likely around $30, but with new wound closure device, you can cut down the cost into almost half. It is beneficial for both patients and health professionals.

  • Wound closing processes can be done quickly and efficiently – Some types of wounds take some time to close such as the wounds caused by mole excisions and biopsies. With new wound closure device, the wound closing time can be done as quickly and as efficient as possible. It can help health professionals see more patients in a day.

  • Improve Cosmetic Results–The goal when closing a wound is to reduce the formation of scars. However, traditional sutures may leave unsightly scars, especially when staples are used. All the more that scars will form if you happen to have a keloid skin. Fortunately, the incident of scar formation can be reduced to a greater extent with the help of a new wound closure device.

  • It can significantly reduce pain caused by wound closure – The traditional way of closing wound can be so much painful. To manage the pain, a local or topical anesthesia is needed. New wound closure device can help alleviate pain caused by closing wound. A perfect example is the microMend bandage, which is secured in place using minute micro staples. Hence, pain is reduced to a greater extent making you feel comfortable throughout the procedure.