With the rising awareness around the damage caused by tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes, a better and safer option called vaping was introduced. The vapes require charging and e-juices to perform properly. A modified version of these vapes is disposable vapes. They are non-rechargeable as they come as pre-charged and have e-juices in them. They are just ready-to-go products that require no charging. The devices come in specific flavors and specific numbers of puffs. Once you puff it all, you get rid of it. These devices are offering multiple benefits to the consumers which are worth a discussion.

Portable and convenient

While vapes were already in the talks, the disposable ones just made the whole thing even more famous. There is the perfect rush of nicotine and a comfortable taste as you get to choose your flavor. The devices are portable and snicks into backpacks and purses effortlessly. The lightweight vapes can be carried anywhere without any issues. There are complications like pre-heating and different settings. You just use it the wherever you want without any fuss. As you choose high-quality products, the shortcomings also get eliminated.

No charging needed

Vapes with charging facilities are also available. They also come in different flavors and settings to offer comfort. The only issue with such devices is the fact that they need charging. When you are in a place with charging outlets around, you can easily enjoy these vapes. But when there are no outlets and the device runs low, you will find it problematic. Carrying several pre-charged batteries is never an option when you are carrying a small bag. But a disposable pod (พอตใช้แล้วทิ้ง, term in Thai) does not need charging and batteries to run. It comes packed with all the necessary things. These lightweight and small devices can be carried in numbers in a bag. You do not have to worry about outlets or batteries again.

Unique flavors

Most cigarettes leave bland taste in your mouth while the vapes do not do that to you. There are different flavors to enjoy. Your mouth will be left with a pleasant taste and smell depending on what flavor you choose. If you carry a few disposables to a club, you won’t have to share the shisha. You can enjoy your vape and preferred flavor in peace.

Low maintenance

Disposable vapes have made maintenance a thing of the past. People using chargeable vapes have to spend a certain amount of time behind the devices to continue enjoying the sessions. Refilling the e-juice, cleaning the hardware parts, and replacing the batteries are constant tasks with chargeable vapes. Disposable vapes do not require any such care. They offer a puff ranging from 200 to 800 in number. An exhausted pod just gets disposed of and the user has nothing more to do. These devices bring in the goodness and enjoyment of vapes without the time-consuming maintenance. A user can just enjoy the sessions in peace and not have to think or worry about recharging, preparing, or maintaining.