Breast cancer is a condition which causes breast cancer cells to multiply in an uncontrollable manner. There are numerous types of breast cancer. When cells in the breast become infected with cancer, they result in a variety of breast cancers. Cancer can metastasize to other parts after first appearing in the breast. If you notice any breast cancer symptoms (อาการ มะเร็ง เต้า นม, which is the tem in Thai), call your doctor right away.

Cancer of the breast can begin in various locations throughout the breast. As with most cancers, the majority start in the ducts or lymph nodes. Connective tissue, lobules, and ducts are the most important elements that make up the breast. In order to produce milk, women must have lobules or ducts. In the duct, the milk flows through these tubes to the nipples. It is the connective tissue that holds all things in place, which is both fatty as well as fibrous. Cancer can migrate to the other organs via blood and lymph vessels. Breast cancer can cause a variety of symptoms in different people. Some people show no signs at all.

Some Breast Cancer Symptoms Are:

  • Finding a lump under the arm or in the breast (armpit).
  • swelling or thickening of the breast tissue as a result of inflammation.
  • Dimpling of the breasts or discomfort of the breasts.
  • Breast or nipple rashes or dermatitis.
  • Nipple pain or the sensation of the nipple being pulled inward
  • In addition to breast milk, any other nipple discharge, including blood.
  • Breast enlargement or diminution.
  • Breast discomfort.

As a reminder, some of the same symptoms can be caused by non-cancer illnesses. See a doctor right once if you experience any strange symptoms.

When It Comes To Breasts, What Is Considered Normal?

Having no breasts is the norm. A woman’s sense of normalcy may be completely different from another woman’s. Breasts are lumpy or uneven for most women. Women’s reproductive health and breast health can be affected by their menstrual cycle, pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and certain medications. Breasts also change as we get older. 

Breast Lumps: What’s The Significance?

Breast cancer is one of many conditions that can cause breast lumps. This is one of the breast cancer symptoms. However, other medical conditions are to blame for most breast lumps. The most frequent ones are fibrocysts and cysts. Breasts can become lumpy, tender, and sore due to fibrocystic condition, which is not cancerous. Breast tissue can become filled with fluid-filled cysts.