Muscle Nit XTIt’s perfectly understandable to have doubts whether the new Muscle Nit XT is a SCAM or something worth the money given that we are constantly overwhelmed with the latest supplements on the market, many of which are extremely expensive. More importantly, you should be asking yourself not only if this supplement is worth the money but also if it’s safe as many in the past have proven to be very harmful. With that said I have taken it upon myself to give this new supplement a try and give you an inside look into what I think Muscle Nit XT

What is Muscle Nit XT?

Well, right off the bat you are told exactly what it is when you visit their official website. The supplement is developed to reinvent your look with an attractive body. There is a long list of benefits such as:

  • Enhance Exercise Performance
  • Boost Sex Drive and Libido
  • Delays Muscle Fatigue
  • Convert Fat Cells to Lean Muscle
  • 15% Faster Muscle Growth
  • Improve Aerobic Performance and Endurance
  • More Confidence
  • Mental Focus and Coordination Boost
  • Increase Energy and Physical Strength

How Does Muscle Nit XT Works?

All great benefits which we could all use. They go on to say that 98% of customers are satisfied by their boost in sex drive and a whole lot more discussing how fantastic Muscle Nit XT is, some testimonials, and well, lots of boasting about its impressive abilities. If the supplement really is this effective that’s great but unfortunately so far aside from lots unproven bragging I didn’t see anything substantial. Generally when it comes to purchasing a supplement you want to see numbers, ingredients, and real facts to ensure you are getting something that will not harm you.

Remember, that there are no supplements on the market that are FDA approved as they control and test drugs only and supplements are not considered drugs. This basically means that they can sell you anything and tell you anything without it necessarily being true.

To an extent they do share some information on the ingredients, exactly three of the ingredients that are in Muscle Nit XT:

Creatine Ethyl Ester : Known to increase skeletal muscle and helps regenerate Adenosine triphosphate. This results in boosted energy all the while helping with improving body composition.

They left out that Creatine can cause serious dehydration, cramping, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea. Take note that there are concerns that taking Creatine in combination with caffeine herb ephedra chances of having a stroke are increased.

L-Arginine : It doesn’t really give any vital information as to why L-Arginine is such a great addition to the supplement except for that it is an androgenic fusion and it has many health benefits. Though if you are into bodybuilding you may already know plenty about this ingredient.

Side effects are not serious but may cause discomfort such as: abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloating, grout, blood abnormalities, airway inflammation, allergies, low blood pressure, worsening of asthma.

Beta-Adenine : Which is stated in the official Muscle Nit XT website as the ingredient that will allow you to train harder and longer by boosting the synthesis of carnosine. It increases the muscle strength and endurance.

Again no list of side effects and real facts about the ingredient are given however, we can let them go on this one as it doesn’t have any serious possible side effects except for slight discomfort and tingling.

Aside from these three ingredients nowhere else is there information about the rest of the ingredients in the supplement. Regardless if these are the only active ingredients there are still plenty more things in supplements that it is important to research before buying. Just the lack of information or at least an image of the back of the bottle is enough to make me lean more towards Muscle Nit XT being a SCAM.

My Personal Experience:

So, I did order the bottle and decided to give the 14 day trial a go. I honestly am not ready to go on the supplement for longer periods of time as I experiment with a variety of different supplements and want to avoid poisoning my body too much with experiments. With that said I can’t say I was really impressed with the results though I did take it for a very short time. I do admit that I felt far more energetic than I have during my last couple of workouts before I started taking the supplement and honestly do feel a bit better throughout and after but unfortunately as I didn’t take the supplement long enough I didn’t see any serious results in the mirror.

I did have some issues with my stomach accepting the ingredients but nothing all too serious which I would perhaps get used to over time. But personally I am not entirely impressed as they do claim immediate results. I have tried numerous supplements on the market today and can’t honestly say that this was impressive in any way in comparison to others on the market today.

So, is Muscle Nit XT a SCAM?

If you look at the official website it looks identical to all the other SCAM websites that keep popping up. This alone has put up a red light for me but I can’t say I experienced any serious side effects from the supplement, but then again, I didn’t really see any results either. Personally, I think you should try it for yourself if you feel that you need it and have researched it well enough however I don’t think I would be purchasing a bottle myself. The mere lack of information provided on the official Muscle Nit XT website makes this whole deal smell like a SCAM.

Where and How to Buy Muscle Nit XT?

Well, of course you can buy it directly on the website but please beware. They have a very strict trial offer and if you overlook the date by which you have to cancel you will be charged in full. Initially you pay just shipping & handling and try the supplement for 14 days. If you ask me this certainly is not enough for anyone to actually try a supplement regardless how quick its effects are. The only thing you can see is if you get side effects from the ingredients, other than that no real results can be seen for such a short time. You can call them to extend your trial of Muscle Nit XT as long as it’s before the 14 days are up but I highly doubt you’ll get a whole lot more. If you do not cancel you will be charged the full price of $103.00 and continue to get charged this price every month as they will continue to send you a new 30 day supply monthly.

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