Luxlift Eye Cream Reviews: Recently, a number of wrinkle removal products have made staggering statements about providing results within seconds and minutes of application. One of them is Luxlift Eye Cream which makes claims about relieving skin of fine lines in just 60 seconds! Here is the truth about the latter.

Overview of Luxlift Eye Cream:

This anti aging serum formula is primarily sold as an Eye serum but also claims to work effectively on the rest of the face. The product is only available in USA through online orders and claims to have a special blend of active ingredients that immediate brighten up the skin and provide crease free appearance.

Ingredients of Luxlift Eye Cream:

It is made with a proprietary blend so all of the ingredients and their quantities are not revealed by the manufacturers. However, the website of the product highlights some vital ingredients as

  • Skin firming agents
  • Vitamins (potent antioxidants)
  • Natural oils
  • Light diffusing silica crystals

What’s the significance of Luxlift Eye Cream Ingredients?

  • Light-diffusing Silica crystalsprevent excessive oils from the skin and gently tighten the skin by lowering flaking.
  • Vitamins (potent antioxidants) help avert the damage from the Skin cells (oxidative-radical damage).
  • Natural oils help in restoration of skin’s natural moisture balance.

How does it help in Removing Wrinkles?

Skin firming agents improve tightness of the skin by preventing collagen loss whilst Vitamins fortify skin cells against the damage that radical cells bring. Natural oils and Silica Crystals prevent impurities, unhealthy oil accumulation and nourish skin with required moisture that gets trapped within skin for longer. As the light is diffused from the skin through silica crystals, the skin appears blemish free but the permanent results are brought on by regular nurturing of the skin cells.

How to use Luxlift Eye Cream?

Clean face and neck properly and then apply the serum (couple of drops would be sufficient) through the tips of the fingers in upward circular motions. Then after 20 second light massage, leave the serum on and let it get soaked within.

How long does the coverage last?

The serum will stay on the face for around 8 hours and after that, it can be re-applied. However, users should clean the face before re-application.

What to expect with Luxlift Eye Cream and when to expect?

Users can anticipate healthy results like removal of dark spots, circles, puffiness, crow’s feet, creases etc from the area around the eyes.

It works on the entire face as well, if applied regularly and helps in lightening the fine lines. Time taken to show permanent wrinkle reduction results are 4-12 weeks (depending on the volume-depth of creases). However, the silica crystals begin diffusing light immediately and provide a visibly wrinkle free look on the face within just 60 seconds of applying the serum.

What skin type is Luxlift Eye Cream well suited for?

The manufactures states that the serum suits all skin types. Nonetheless, users can try a patch test along their jaw line to check the consistency’s effect on their skin’s oil balance. Also, the serum is Hypoallergenic and unscented which means that by principle, it should work on all sensitive and acne prone skin types as well.

Is it Recommended?

Luxlift Eye Cream is an effective product that doesn’t contain allergens or added scents. The manufacturing lab for the product is GMP certified and certain users have also claimed of its active results in their testimonials.

However, the cost of the product can disappoint many since it is costlier than most of mainstream products but then again, it are far better than those.

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